Kavala is a beautiful city, built as an amphitheater in front of the homonymous bay. It is a major port, commercial and industrial center with a tradition of tobacco processing. Tall stands the castle, medieval, 15th century, from where the view is breathtaking and below lies the old town. In the old city the traditional village of Panagia with original samples of traditional Macedonian architecture, charming streets and neoclassical mansions. The modern city of Kavala, has managed to keep intact many elements of its old character and most importantly to create a sequel, a combination of old and new.

The city has been inhabited since the Neolithic era. We meet the city in the 7th century with the name Neapolis as colony Thasos. The Romans strengthen its position as a commercial port and the hub and make Egnatia Odos. From there came the Apostle Paul (50 AD) to teach Christianity. During Byzantine times, the city was renamed Christoupolis and during Turks the the city was renamed Kavala.

The beaches are beautiful with clear waters and tourist infrastructure.

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